Monday, February 10, 2020

Excersice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Excersice - Essay Example Then, there is need to acknowledge counterarguments from opponents which would then be factually refuted to support the thesis (Axelrod and Cooper 201). This convinces the audience of the argument. I have applied this understanding, not just in writing argumentative essays, but also in leisure writing. I have strived to back up all my writing works with credible evidence. I now appreciate that I write best in a quiet environment and when I have adequate time. Quietness enables me to understand the arguments I would want to raise and passing across such arguments in written form. The need for adequate time is informed by the need to proofread and appropriately revise the given work. As such, I have better understanding on writing. Furthermore, the course made me more aware of critical writing aspects. First, I have gained knowledge on how to effectively support my ideas. Whereas I could have ideas, effective writing would require that I support such ideas with evidence from other sources. Among the many possible sources, credibility of such sources would directly impact on the credibility of my writing hence the need to support my arguments with evidence from credible sources. Scholarly sources are credible. Such evidence could be borrowed word for word from the source of evidence. This would require such evidence to be under quotes if not more than forty words. If more than forty words, then it would be cited in block form and indented without quotation marks (Axelrod and Cooper 433). Of importance is to attribute it to the author(s) and indicating the page from which such was borrowed. Even when paraphrasing, it is important to indicate the author and the page from which the information was borrowed from. A cquiring this knowledge has made me more aware about academic writing. To become a better and effective writer, I seek to continue honing my writing skills. During my leisure, I intend to pick random

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