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Political Continuities Of The State Of Texas - 1040 Words

Brandon Salazar Dr. Maria Reyes PSCI 2306-212 23 April 2017 Political Subcultures Residing in Texas In the United States, there are 3 different political subcultures. These three different political subcultures that make the United States what it is are the individualistic, moralistic and the traditionalistic subcultures. In the great state of Texas, the most common political subculture would have to be a mix between the traditionalistic and the individualistic subculture. In the individualistic subculture, there are many ways that it can differ from that of the moralistic and the traditionalistic subcultures. The way that people can differentiate them is by knowing the characteristics of each of them. In the individualistic subcultures,†¦show more content†¦In the moralistic subculture, it is the more towards the benefits of all the citizens, rather than the individualistic which only benefits the specific person who is doing the dirty deeds. Whilst the individualistic subculture focuses more on a singular person the moralistic subculture focuses more on the prosperity of a population. In this subculture politics is seen to be a responsibility to all the people because they believe it is a higher calling. The last of the 3 political subcultures would be the traditionalistic subculture. The traditionalistic subculture is seen to be the middle ground between the individualistic and moralistic subculture. This means that it has parts of both. Th e traditionalistic subculture has bits and pieces from each in the sense that politicians that are born into politics have a moral obligation to govern. While being in the traditionalistic subculture also means that people are not obligated to be in politics, let alone vote. In Texas, there are many ways that people perceive it, and this causes a wide variety of diversity in the state. This can be said for Texas because of this past election. For instance, Texas has always been a red state, always has had a very small voter turnout and the levels of conservatism. All of these outcomes rely on the traditionalistic subculture. While some of the things that rely on the individualistic subculture would be that the wayShow MoreRelatedTexas’ Individualistic and Traditionalistic Culture: The Impact these Ideologies have had on Texas State Government and the Reasons People Support t1019 Words   |  5 PagesTexas is a unique place with a colorful history of legendary cowboys and tall tales. The state stretches over the middle section of the southern United States. Texas has experienced shifts in governmental control within the United States. French, Spanish, Mexican, and Confederacy, and all having once been in charge, not to mention the time Texas spent as an independent republic. Texas has had many battles and wars within its borders, resulting in seven different constitutions within a spanRead MorePolitics in Texas1040 Words   |  4 PagesPolitics in Texas When we start to see how much changed Texas which is as complex and diverse, we realize the qualities that it has. Texas has a Constitution that defines and protects a history of conservative political thought and independent self. It is a place with great variety and diversity of population, millions and millions of people in a big state, big territory, racial origins, different cultures, traditions, ethnic diversity, interests, complex economic activities, extremely significantRead MoreBSN vs. ADN1117 Words   |  5 Pagesreceive the job before the ADN nurse because â€Å" the additional course work enhances the student’s professional development, prepares the new nurse for a broader scope of practice, and provides the nurse with a better understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and social issues that affect patients and influence health care delivery† (American Association of Colleges of Nursing,† p.1). Different Education Routes for Nurses Diploma graduates, Associate graduates, and Baccalaureate graduatesRead MoreParenthood Of Greater Texas V. Abbott1669 Words   |  7 PagesParenthood of Greater Texas v. Abbott (2014), The American Civil Liberties Union, The Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and a Texas law firm filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of several women’s health-care providers in Texas for seeking to enforce their rights and those of patients for declaratory judgment and pertaining to the regulation of surgical abortions and abortion-inducing drugs by enjoining two provisions of the 2013 Texas House Bill No. 2Read MoreTexas campaign Essay1942 Words   |  8 PagesCANDIDATE JANE â€Å"BITZI† JOHNSON MILLER IN THE STATE OF TEXAS May 4, 2013 Pols 2312 State and Local Government Introduction We are proud to introduce the next governor of the great State of Texas, Ms. Jane â€Å"Bitzi† Johnson Miller. She is a staunch Conservative Republican whose proud Texan traditions are deep rooted here in the Lone Star State. A native Texan who grew up in West Texas, she comes from a great line of proudRead MoreEnd of Mayan Civilization1143 Words   |  5 Pages900 A. D. (900 CE), Mayan civilization had been decimated as a result of not just one single factor, but, rather, as a result of a number of equally important factors. These factors included overpopulation and accompanying ecological degradation, political competition, and warfare (Sayre, 2012, p.392). Once again, it is essential to clearly articulate the fact that it is theoretically impossible to put forth only one single underlying factor in a theory offering a coherent explanation for the collapseRead MoreThe Romanian Criminal Justice System1715 Words   |  7 Pages The Romanian Criminal Justice System Cory J. Mackley-Portley Texas State University – San Marcos The Romanian Criminal Justice System The history and evolution of any country is complex and open to the interpretation of progression or regression as defined by the reader. The history of its criminal justice system is no different. This is more so complicated in that this particular country, Romania, is in a relatively new post-communist era. To increase the understanding of the evolution of lawRead MoreAn Analysis of the Current Conflict in Syria1253 Words   |  5 Pageshas experienced political instability periods compelled through the clashing interests of religious and ethnic groups. Between 1958 and 1961 Syria united with Nassers Egypt, but independence was restored through an army coup that took place before a renaissance led by the Baath party that controlled of Syria in 1963 (Diamond Plattner, 2012) . The party has been in control of the country ever since, but the Arab uprising that began in 2011 appears to have cast doubt on the continuity of the BaathRead MoreMajor Causes And Consequences Of The Amer ican Civil War1443 Words   |  6 PagesCE Explain the major causes and consequences of the American Civil War. In general, the American Civil War is thought to have started mostly because of a discrepancy on how to handle slavery. The difference in opinion is most likely a result of political, economic, and religious tension within the country. Before a civil war was even thought about, southern leaders spoke of freeing their slaves and many predicted the demise of slavery due to a lack of efficiency. In 1793 with Eli Whitney’s cottonRead MoreThe Desegregation Of The United States1633 Words   |  7 Pagesadministration A Nation at Risk, was published and exposed the poor quality of education in the United States. A Nation at Risk noted that 23 million American adults were functionally illiterate, 13% of all 17 year olds were functionally illiterate, and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) demonstrated a significant decline in English and Math scores. A Nation at Risk exposed to the world that the United States educational system was broken (Toppo). Charter schools, schoolwide choice, and area wide choice

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